Another Lizzie Story

I’m not sure who suggested it — I’m pretty sure it was one of my partners — but I was sort of at odds and ends when it came to the Lizzie stories (the ones that feature ballbusting). I had written three of them, and didn’t know where to go next. I was thinking maybe Alex and Lizzie would have a kid, but the suggestion was to bring someone else into the bedroom.

So I combined the two things. Alex and Lizzie had a talk about having kids, and then they added a third party to their activities. It didn’t go quite the way I planned, but I still enjoyed writing it.

Here’s part of it. They’re on the couch in their living room, and remember Alex wears an adjustable ring around his balls — it’s his “collar”.

Lizzie scooted back on the couch and her head lowered to my lap. She swallowed me down in one gulp, and I knew at that point I wouldn’t be getting any answers anytime soon. Her mouth was warm and soft and slick, and all I could hear after too long was the slurping and sucking sounds she made whenever she went down on me. She’d always given wet, messy blowjobs, and it turned out I liked them that way.

She only sucked my cock for a minute or so before pushing up and sliding down onto her knees on the hardwood. “Take off your pants.”

Like I was going to complain.

Once I was naked from the waist down, I pulled a blanket over to my seat on the couch and plopped my butt back on it — the couch was leather, after all. Lizzie pushed my legs as wide as they could go, and then adjusted my collar, tightening it until my balls bulged against the skin of my scrotum. It wasn’t a comfortable sensation, but then, Lizzie was in charge, and if that’s what she wanted to do, then it wasn’t my place to tell her no. Oh, we had a safeword, but I’d never had to use it, and I didn’t ever plan to. Just knowing it was there was enough.

With my balls prepared the way she liked them, she went back to slathering my cock with her tongue, pausing to flick hard at the spot behind the head. My moan this time was louder, and she let out a small, pleased laugh. “Good boy,” she said.

Then I was buried to the hilt in Lizzie’s mouth, and her hand was between my legs, and she squeezed my balls hard. I growled with the pain, my hips surging upward, and she gagged a little. I knew she didn’t mind it — if she had, she would have told me — but it was still an impetus to let me fall out of her mouth. “Hold that,” she ordered.

I had one hand clenched in the folds of the blanket; with the other I lifted my cock out of the way, holding it against my lower stomach. Lizzie leaned in and brushed a soft kiss on my bulging balls, and then cupped them with her left hand.

One of two things was about to happen. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t flinch away. She hated when I did that.

There was a deep thwhack! as her fist crashed into my balls. My whole face clenched, my eyes screwed up tight.

Another punch, and a groan escaped between clenched teeth.

Whenever Lizzie worked over my ass with the belt, she didn’t hold back; it was hard, loud, fast cracks of leather on skin. She beat my balls the same way: thwhack!thwhack!thwhack!, unceasing, hot pain building in the skin of my scrotum even as my gorge rose from the impact on my testicles.

Fortunately for both of us, she knew exactly when to stop. I gagged a little, whimpering, and she kissed them again. “Good boy.” Then she took my hand off my cock and gulped it down. She’d trained me — “conditioned” would be a more accurate word, come to think of it — to stay hard even through the worst pain, and even though I wanted her to sit on my face and comfort me, I wasn’t going to deny her what she wanted. She squeezed and sucked hard, and I filled her mouth with thick, hot spurts of come, which she swallowed greedily, until there was nothing left and it almost hurt for her to keep using her mouth. Her grip on my balls kept me from squirming away until I was no longer erect; only then did she let me out and loosen the collar. I gasped in a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “Now wasn’t that fun?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

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