Happy and Sexy

I have a private playlist on Youtube Music called “Happy and Sexy”. It’s exactly what it sounds like — songs that make you feel happy, and songs that are sexy. It’s not really well-organized, but it makes me smile when I listen to it. Here’s a link.

Some of the songs:

  • Misterwives, “Coloring Outside the Lines” — Makes me feel good about being in nontraditional relationships.
  • Meg Myers, “Desire” — She asks “how do you want me?” What more do you need? Has a nice beat that’s good to fuck to.
  • Donna Missal, “Sick” — Lots of sexy lyrics in this one.
  • Unwoman, “Head Like a Hole” — It’s a cover, but it’s a cool one.
  • Halsey, “Hold Me Down” — I feel like this song is from the point of view of a woman being put on her knees by a man in a suit. “I sold my soul to a three-piece.”
  • Purity Ring, “Fineshrine” — I first heard this song on Letterkenny and loved it. Basically it’s about wanting to surround your lover and protect them.
  • Fletcher and Hayley Kiyoko, “Cherry” — This is a fun little song.

I add to the playlist on occasion, when something good comes up in my mixes.

It’s nice to have something that makes you feel happy.

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