More free BUTT STUFF!

Butt Stuff is still free, and will be until Sunday, so if you haven’t grabbed your copy, well… what are you waiting for?

My other favorite story in the collection is “As Hard As You Can”. I wrote the first draft several years ago (I think more than ten at this point) and it was one of those reunion stories where the main character met up with his old babysitter from when he was younger and now they go on a date. But there was a lot about that version of the story that didn’t work (though I do still have a copy of it somewhere), so when I edited it for Butt Stuff I made a few changes and took out the reunion aspect. I don’t think the story suffers for it though.

Here’s a preview:

The kissing progressed to more intimate touching, and the touching progressed to unbuttoning Kelly’s blouse and pushing it off her shoulders, exposing rather intricate dreamcatchers tattooed on her shoulders. I’d have to ask about those sometime. But for now I had other things on my mind. I reached around back and unhooked her bra — the palest pink satin — and her breasts were exposed for me. They hung a little lower than most women I’d known would have liked, and underneath, her stomach had a soft roundness that no one sees unless they’re in this position. She really did have the ideal body, at least in my eyes.

Kelly pushed downward, the hardness of my cock pressing up against her, and she sighed. Her nipples, already somewhat hard from just the teasing, went tight, areolas large and dark-brown, the tips like gumdrops. I nibbled on them and she hissed before letting out a low moan.

I alternated between nipples until Kelly had had enough, pushing me back and putting her hands to work on my shirt buttons. My fingertips and toes went cold — I was fuzzier than was in style, and could stand to lose a little weight — but when she ran her palms over my shoulders and back, I ceased caring.

“Bedroom,” she murmured against my cheek, my hands stroking her shoulders. “Now.”

I was only too happy to oblige, leading her up the six steps and to the first door on the right. When I turned around to see her close the door, I noticed she’d pushed the blouse off and dropped it — and her bra — somewhere. I went to my knees in front of her and removed her flat black shoes, then slid her slacks and underwear — also pink satin, low on her hips — to pool around her ankles. She had a series of five butterfly tattoos on her left leg, flying all the way from the curve of her hip to the side of the knee, each one about half the size of a cell phone.

Her hand touched my cheek and I looked up.

“You first.”

I wasn’t going to say no. I stood up quickly and took the few steps to the bed, kicking off my shoes and tossing my shirt aside. Kelly followed, taking her turn to kneel, nuzzling my crotch. I let out a quiet moan, one that grew louder when she unzipped my slacks and reached inside. Her hand was warm now, and it was wrapped around my cock.

“Off,” she whispered. I undid my belt and button, and she took over from that point, pulling my clothes off. I fell back onto the bed, and struggled up onto my elbows in time to watch her guide me to her mouth.

I know there’s no butt stuff in the preview, but there’s plenty in the story. Get your free copy of Butt Stuff and read all about it!

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