Just another post about spanking and sex

Here’s a fun little excerpt from Shell Game, where Sarah gets spanked and fucked.

Compared to being yanked across Michael’s bare lap at six in the morning, Sarah’s alarm clock wasn’t nearly as bad.

She figured she’d be used to being punished early in the morning, but there she was again, upended, and he was already driving the back of the heavy wooden brush into the bottoms of her cheeks and she was already kicking and squirming and moaning and grabbing his leg, her nails digging in, gasping and trying to hold still and failing as the brush cracked and whacked and smacked, hard and fast, her heart pounding, sobs coming quickly, tears on their tail, as Sarah’s master punished her for doing precisely what he’d asked her not to.

For the longest two minutes of her life.

Until the sound stopped and the pain sunk in and her ass was on fire and she slid to her knees in front of Michael and looked up at him through her tears, hands on his thighs, breath hitching as she sobbed.

“I’m s-s-sorry… Master, I’m sorry…”

He kept on that disappointed expression long enough to bring on a fresh wave of tears. Sarah’s face went hot and she bowed her head, heart heavy, body wracked with pain. She’d rather have another two minutes with the brush than face a moment of her master’s disapproval.

“I forgive you,” he said a minute later. “I forgive you, Sarah.”

In an instant she was up, scrambling into his lap, thighs spread across him, his cock hard and pushing at her cunt but she didn’t care, she wanted to be held by him, to hold him, to cry for him and show him that she understood, that she’d displeased her master, that she loved him and wanted to be perfect for him–

His hand was on her face.

His lips were on her mouth.

Her body went slack atop his, shoving his cock downward as she took deep gulps of air, as Michael drew her down beside him and she draped her leg and her arm and half her body across his and he held her and kissed her tear-tracked cheeks and swollen eyes and told her he loved her.

“I love you, Master,” Sarah said, her voice hoarse and soft. “I love you.”

I wrote Shell Game back when I thought I wanted a 24/7 master/slave relationship, so that’s what I gave my main characters. Reading it these days I cringe sometimes when Sarah calls Michael “Master”. It just seems so… so silly. Which isn’t fair at all; just because I don’t want to be someone’s master doesn’t mean it’s not a valid BDSM dynamic. I guess we all grow and change in different ways, though.

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