Back and Forth

A few years ago, I wrote a spanking story with a friend/play partner of mine. We each wrote a paragraph or two at a time. It eventually became “Right Here, Right Now” in Baker’s Dozen, but I thought it might be fun to share a little of the first draft here.

It’s a few hours later. Your bottom is still throbbing a little from your spanking earlier, and you’re only wearing your shirt and panties. We’re sitting on the couch. The cat is in my lap and I’m petting her, and you’re on your phone. I’ve tried to get closer to you but you’re still a little prickly – you don’t want to be but you don’t know how to stop it, and you want to want intimacy after the spanking but you’re stuck. 


I continue to sit on the couch as you flip mindlessly through the television. I start to talk a little bit the tone of my voice is harsh. It’s getting late and we haven’t had dinner yet. You suggest that we go out and grab something. I agree.

I’m annoyed that you won’t address my bad mood. You are annoyed that I have it to begin with. I didn’t get much of a release from the spanking and you thought I did. We get into the jeep to go get dinner. 


I reach for your hand several times during the drive but you either don’t respond or you pull away. I try to keep my cool but it’s getting extremely frustrating, especially since we just talked about this this morning. I pull the car into the parking lot of a now-closed store and drive behind it. You’re too absorbed in your phone to notice until I shut the car off. When you look up, you realize that we’re in a place where no one can see us.

[I have a pretty distinct idea of where this one is going, at least in my head. I’m curious if you are thinking the same. I guess we’ll find out. 🙂 ]


I ask you what we are doing here and why you stopped. You say that you are tired of the cold shoulder. Especially when you didn’t do anything to deserve it. I tell you that if I am in trouble again then we should had dealt with it at the house. I tell you that I am so tired of this dynamic where i feel like the bad guy or end up in a bad mood afterwards. It’s not suppose to end like that. I am suppose to feel better and it doesn’t work out like that. 

[[I cannot figure out how to change the color of the font on my phone. Sorry. ]]


(( I did the font on my computer.  🙂 )) 

“Yes, maybe we should have taken care of it at home. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt since I just spanked you this morning, but obviously that whole “tell me if you’re upset and why” discussion went in one ear and out the other. And I’m done with it. Done with talking about it, and done with not acting on it. From now in, you pull this shit, and you get punished. Anytime, anywhere. “

I get out of the Jeep and come around to your side. You really don’t believe it’ll happen. But then I have your feet on the ground and am moving you up against the closed back door. 

“Pants down now. Don’t make me tell you again.” 


Let’s just go back home I say. We can deal with it there. What if someone see us? This is stupid. We are just suppose to get dinner. 

I do start to unbutton my jeans as I go on trying to talk my way out of this. I’m sorry. I’m not sure why I feel so angry lately. I just want it to stop. 


“don’t worry, honey. I’m going to make sure it stops. No matter where or when. “

As your jeans and panties fall around your ankles, revealing a bottom still a bit pink from earlier, you hear the unmistakable sound of my belt being pulled off. 

” for good. “

” end of discussion “

As I said in the book, never play in public unless you are 1000% sure you won’t be seen. BDSM is still considered assault by many law enforcement agencies. Plus if other people see you who didn’t consent to being involved in your scene then you’re not being a good BDSM citizen. Public spankings are a hot fantasy for a lot of people, but unfortunately logistics gets in the way most of the time.

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