Smiling faces in unexpected places

Sometimes something so silly, so funny, so surprising, happens during a scene that you just have to talk about it. So I’m going to talk about a woman who I played with, way back at Frolicon 2018. We had such a great scene together that we decided to do another one, but we weren’t able to until this year.

We had a great scene this year, one that left her with bruises on her bottom, one that left her shaking and shivering, unable to form words, unable to do anything except cuddle until she could think again.

Prior to playing with me, she had done some scenes that involved some pretty heavy breast play and breast impact — and she has rather impressive breasts, so the bruises were rather impressive as well. I focused mostly on her backside, although I did play with her breasts a little, including biting one of them.

This happened as a result:

There’s a smiley-face on her breast. The two dark dots that are the eyes and nose are from previous scenes; the red mark, the mouth, is from me.

I noticed it and I couldn’t not notice it once I’d seen it, so I asked to take a picture. And yes, I do have her full consent to post the photo here.

You never know what’s going to come from a scene. In this case, it was a smile.

I gave her lots of smiles that night, but this is the only one you get to see. I’m perversely proud of it, and also still quite amused.

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