The Scene-Ender: Terrified

Last weekend (not Frolicon; the one before) I played with a new person. She hadn’t been spanked in a while — since before the pandemic started — and she wasn’t expecting how hard I spank. I did warm her up, but even my warm-up was almost too much for her in the beginning. She got beautifully pink, and then red, and then bruised, with just my hand. I gave her a few full-intensity spanks with my hand and she nearly fell off my lap. We played with a few implements and she yellowed more than once.

And then we decided she was about done, and it was time to bring out the scene-ender.

The terror in her eyes was delicious. She was horror-struck at the very sight of it.

Even though I knew she would have been able to take it, I said, “if you truly don’t want me to do this, say yellow now.”

She said “yellow,” and I put the paddle away, and we ended the scene there.

I would have loved to see the bruises and hear the screams from that paddle, but the most important part of a scene is to respect the other person. She respected me in knowing what she could take (from my hand, a hairbrush, a spoon, a small paddle, a strap, and my rubber tawse); I respected her by listening to her safewords and allowing her to have the final say on a truly frightening implement.

I have another scene planned with this person. I think she wants to try the scene-ender when we do play again. I’m probably going to give her four swats with it, although I know she could take more (maybe not easily, but still), but this will only be her second spanking scene in over a year, so I’ll be nice, I guess.

Seeing that terror in her eyes, though… that was worth the price of admission.

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