Dance Card

Hopefully if you’re reading this post you like reading my stories about spankings. If you’re coming to Frolicon this week, and you’d like to get on my dance card for a spanking of your very own, contact me. We can do anything from traditional OTK to a more involved dungeon scene with implements and restraints (if I remember to bring my restraints with me).

I can also do principal/student roleplay if you’re into that, although that really should be done in private. I assure you that if you’ve never been paddled by the principal a scene with me will show you what you were lucky enough to miss out on, and if you have and want to relive it in a consensual fashion, I can make you feel like the naughty student you used to be. I have the perfect paddle for the occasion, too.

Trust me: it gets the job done.

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