Liquid Courage

I’ve only ever written one enema scene (so far). It’s in “The Arrangement” in Baker’s Dozen. I’ve never actually given one in real life, but I’ve always wanted to. Maybe I’ll get a chance soon. We’ll have to see.

She kneels on the thick bath mat and bends over the low side of the tub while he runs warm water into the black rubber bag. This isn’t something he ever thought he’d do — he’s quite adventurous, to be sure, but when she suggested this he initially balked.

Now, though, it makes perfect sense.

He closes the valve on the bag and hangs it on a towel hook, then kneels behind her. Her knees are apart, her ass completely open to him. He scoops lube from a small pot with two fingers and spreads it liberally between her cheeks, her hips shifting as he brushes the sensitive opening. But she stills as he works both fingers inside to the hilt; the plug prepared her enough for that.

She whines sharply as he withdraws, spreading his fingers to stretch her opening while he works them out; he wipes his hand on a towel before adding lube to the long nozzle and the lower ball.

She takes it easily; it’s narrower than his fingers or the plug. It’s longer, though, and she squirms uncomfortably as the last inch goes in. There’s a small moan as he pushes the ball past her opening, and another as he squeezes the upper ball, inflating the other, making sure everything is held in place.

“Are you ready?”

She nods, her cheeks flushed. He can see her glistening with fresh wetness.

He turns the valve on the water hose and she starts to whimper as the water rushes into her bottom. He rubs her lower back as the water fills her and her sounds get more urgent. He shushes her, leans down and kisses her spine. “It’ll be over soon,” he says softly.

She knows, of course; this was her idea, preparing herself this way. But she’s told him before that she doesn’t actually enjoy the process. He’s never been in this position; he’s had exams, and he’s played with plugs, but he can’t imagine two quarts of anything going into his ass.

When the bag is finally empty, he closes the valve at the top of the hose and helps her to her feet. Her stomach is firmer than usual, and her lips are pressed tightly together. “Are you all right?”

She nods. “It’s just uncomfortable,” she says, her voice strained. “You don’t have to stay.”

“I know.” In the beginning, he hadn’t, but when he realized just how stressful this was for her, and the fact that she was doing it to further prepare herself for him, he decided he could deal.

So he deals. He hugs her gently, then cups her breasts, his thumbs going over her nipples. They had relaxed before, but at his touch they grow hard again. “I think…”

“Yes?” he asks.

Her face pales. “I think I need to finish this.”

He nods and walks with her to the toilet. His fingers go behind her back and slowly deflate the ball, and she clutches his shoulder as he withdraws the long plastic nozzle. “Okay?”


He takes her hand and waits.

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