Strong Medicine

I’m having surgery today, so in honor of that, here’s a spanking scene from “Strong Medicine”, which appears in Baker’s Dozen. The main character is the recipient of a heart transplant (don’t worry, that’s not what I’m having done), and she forgot to pick up her meds.

Tori heard Doug unbuckle his belt and pull it out of the loops of his jeans.

Her heart thumped — acutely reminding her that it wasn’t hers. Not really. But it still beat hard, her adrenaline firing — Doug had been wearing his new belt pretty much every day since they’d gotten it at the craft fair. He’d taken a belt to her before, but never one like this. And he was far stronger than Pop had ever been.

Without warning, before she could even take another breath, Doug’s belt whipped through the air and cracked against her backside with a thick, heavy THWAP!

Tori howled, the tears in her eyes going from shameful to agonized. It was by far the worst thing she’d ever felt.


And Doug was apparently going to THWAP! go just as fast as THWAP! he usually did.

Tori barely THWAP! managed to catch her breath between THWAP! licks, the pain so bad it THWAP! made her want to beg, to plead, to THWAP! promise to be a good girl, but THWAP! all she could do was choke out THWAP! helpless, breathy screams as Doug punished THWAP! her for her mistake.

And, THWAP! worse, for lying to him. THWAP! 

She broke down into THWAP! uncontrollable tears. THWAP! She would never, ever do this again. She would THWAP! refill her meds on time, and THWAP! not lie, and never, ever THWAP! give Doug a reason to use THWAP! this belt ever, ever THWAP! again.

As if from a distance, she heard him say, “last one.”And then, with barely any time to prepare, the belt slammed down with one final THWAP!, leaving a line of searing fire across the backs of her previously-untouched thighs.

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