I went to a demo about pressure points on Saturday night. It was interesting, although fairly basic — I prefer a slightly more advanced class, especially if it gives me new pressure points to try. The instructor mostly covered points for control, whereas I want ones for pain.

The best pressure points class I ever took was from RedRobin, and if you ever have a chance to take her pressure points class, you should do it. I learned all the things.

My favorite pressure points are under the arms and just above the pelvis on the front side. I once did a scene with someone where I spent some time under her arms and she was sore for two days, which I would consider an ideal result.

I have tried to write about pressure point play in the past, but it’s difficult to describe (and yes, I have had it done to me, so I know what it feels like). I mostly end up writing about what’s going on around it — the person’s feelings, how their body moves, etc. It usually works.

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