Only if she’s 5’3

I don’t know why, but Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” was running through my head this morning. In one part of the song he says “36-24-36? Only if she’s 5’3!” But if someone is 36-24-36, would it really matter how tall she is? Would that change the size of her butt? It would still be 36 inches around her hips regardless of whether she’s 5’3 or 5’7 or 6’2.

Yes, I understand the point he’s making, but I think my point is valid too.

In other news, I wrote some flash fiction yesterday, adapting a scene I did with a former sub into 810 words about butt plugs and screaming. I’ll probably include it in Flashes of Me and You, when I get around to publishing it. I don’t want to drop too much content too quickly, lest I run out, and anyway the next thing I release will probably be The Dominant Detective and the Puppy’s Outing.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet read Lessons… well, why haven’t you? It’s a good book! (Although I will admit I’m a little biased.)

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