Saturdays and Dreams

That’s two weeks in a row now that my website hits are way up on Saturdays. I wonder why.

Anyway, I think I almost had a sexy dream last night. I was the personal assistant for a well-known doctor, and we were on an airplane. For some reason we were taking Southwest instead of an airline with a business class. While we were descending a woman went into labor so the doctor (a woman of Asian descent, I believe Chinese to be specific) helped out. We eventually landed, and she (the doctor) whispered in my ear, “I really need you to go down on me now.”

Unfortunately, that’s where that dream ended. I then laid awake for almost an hour because it was so vivid that I was trying to figure out a way to write it as a story. Still working on that, by the way.

The next dream was about being at a spanking event called TTH, and I was at the hotel with my best friend prior to her transition, and I realized that I’d forgotten to pack all of my books for sale. I went onto Vistaprint to try and order some last-minute flyers, so at the very least I’d have those, and their mobile site was a hot mess (in real life it’s perfectly cromulent) so I was going nuts trying to find the login link. Eventually I did, but then I needed to find the hotel’s address so I went to the front desk to do that. And that’s where that dream ended.

Just once I’d like a dream to end at a natural ending point, instead of being cut off in the middle.

Oh, and while I have you here… don’t forget that Lessons is out now!

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