Prelude to a Public Spanking

This sorority girl novella is fun to write. I just finished her first public spanking ever. Here’s what led up to it:

“Oh, hey, elevator girl.”

Kristen turned; it was ZMD, his partner-slash-friend-slash-whatever nowhere to be seen. “Hey, elevator guy.”

“Having fun?”

She half-shrugged. “It’s early yet.”

“It is.” He looked her up and down. “That dress is really pretty on you.”

“Thank you.” Kristen didn’t blush at the compliment; she knew how to take one graciously.

“I’d like to see it flipped up over my knee, of course.”

Okay, that got a blush. “Ex… excuse me?”

“Would you like a spanking?”

Well, all right, that was forward. “I don’t even know you.”

He offered his hand. “I’m Zach. My wife Alison is probably off being social. I promised her I’d talk to someone I didn’t know.”

Kristen shook his hand. “Pleased to meet you,” she said, though it was by rote.

“There. Now we’re not strangers.”

She laughed incredulously, but there was something charming about the way Zach was acting — sort of self-deprecating, trying to overcome what she assumed was his shyness. And she had to break the seal sooner or later.

“Sure,” she said. “You can spank me.”

You may have noticed that I’m sharing characters with my other books. And why not? I’ve always wanted a “spanking connected universe”. Now I have one. “ZMD” appears in the short-story “Reunion” in Baker’s Dozen.

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