TRAINING THE TRAINER: first draft done!

I started writing Training the Trainer back in November. The title came first, and then the outline, which is strange for me; usually I write the first chapter or two, and then go back and outline, and the title almost never comes easily. But this one did.

I originally wanted to make my main character a dog trainer, but I have a dog trainer in my family and she said my idea wouldn’t work the way I’d thought. So I decided to make her a personal trainer who also did dog training on the side. I also definitely wanted to include a trans* character, although I wasn’t sure if said trans* character would be involved in the sexytimes.

The first ten or so chapters came pretty easily, but in mid-December I petered out. I just wasn’t writing — not this book, not any book. I’m not sure if it was depression, lack of mojo, or something going on in my personal life, but the words just wouldn’t come.

Actually, I know why it wasn’t happening: I had a specific sex scene that I wanted to write, and I got to that point in the book, and I was afraid that what I wrote wouldn’t live up to the fantasy in my head. But two weeks ago I wrote about 100 words.

Then last week I finished the scene.

And the rest of the book poured out of me.

Now it’s done. The first draft of Training the Trainer has been finished. It’s about 57,000 words, but I may go back and add more to it once I get to revisions. For now, though, I’m going to put it on the shelf and just enjoy the fact that I finished a book.

I look forward to you reading it. When? I’m not exactly sure. But hopefully soon.

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