WEEKEND PLANS is out now!

Today’s the day to make some weekend plans. Start by checking out my new interactive novel, Weekend Plans, full of spankings and sex. And hey, my friend Ashley Belle even endorses it, and if there’s anyone who knows spankings, it’s a spanking model.

Here, have an excerpt:

You and Julie hold the hug for almost a full minute, and it feels wonderful. You’re not sure if you’re forgiven, or if everything is okay, but she clearly needed this as much as you did.

In your living room, Julie sits down gingerly on the couch. “So. That happened.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

“How much did you see?”

“Not a ton.” You tell her what parts of the scene that you were able to watch.

“The ending was really hard,” she says. “He has this three-fingered stiff leather tawse thing and it hurt like hell. I almost cried.”

That takes you aback — Julie almost never cries from being spanked. “Was that okay?”

She nods, but can’t look directly at you, which suggests that the next thing she says won’t be the full truth. “I could have called yellow or red, but I didn’t. I wanted to see what I could take.”

“Can… can I see the results?”

Another nod. She twists her fingers together in her lap. “Could we do it upstairs, though? In your room. Not down here.”

“Of course we can.”

You follow Julie up the stairs to your bedroom — she seems to be taking them carefully, but you don’t mind because you get to look at her backside in the loose, soft green dress she’s wearing.

In your bedroom, without any ceremony or anything, Julie reaches back and unzips her dress, shrugging it off and stepping out of it. Underneath is a sea-foam bra — pretty basic, nothing fancy, but then she’s always complaining about how hard it is to find fancy bras for breasts the size of hers — and panties that almost match. Clearly they weren’t bought together.

Not that that matters, because what you’re focused on is what’s under them. The panties are a bikini cut, sort of, you think, and the contrast with her ass is beautiful. Startling, but beautiful. Her whole backside is practically glowing red, and you can tell that it’s swollen from all the spanking she’s already had tonight. There are clear purple marks from at least one implement, and he went halfway down her thighs, too.

You have a moment of doubt. Julie just had a spanking like this, and now she wants more? She just had a spanking from the quasi-famous Kevin, and now she wants you?

Want more? Click here and get a copy of Weekend Plans. And if you like it, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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