Frolicon 2018 Schedule

Here’s where I’ll be at Frolicon 2018:

Friday 7:30pm – Bedtime Stories – Come see the authors of the Ink Track reading their stories. Win prizes for just showing up, and for acting out the action. It’s super fun!

Saturday 10:00am – Worldbuilding – The world you create in your stories is just as important as the characters and the action. We’ll give you some tips on how to make it more realistic.

Saturday 2:30pm – Burnout – How do you as a writer deal with burnout? Find out from us what might help you out.

Saturday 4:00pm – Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Not every main character can be a thinly-veiled version of yourself ~coughstepheniemeyercough~. Step outside your comfort zone and write from other points of view, or write about things that make you uncomfortable.

Plus, I’ll be attending a few classes, spending some time in the dungeon, and, of course, I’ll have copies of Baker’s Dozen for sale at the writers’ table. I’ll sign them if you like, and I might could be convinced to spank you with a copy if you buy it right there.

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