Frolicon 2016

Every time Frolicon rolls around I realize just how empty my site is. This past year I’ve been focusing on non-erotica writing, though I have put together a few new things. Hopefully you’ll get to see them soon.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ll be doing at Frolicon 2016:

Friday May 6, 10am-11:15am – Writing a Sex Scene, from Sweet to Explosive: It doesn’t matter if you write inspirational stories or BDSM, a good sex scene needs yearning, description, and emotion. Learn how to layer those in with this panel.

Friday May 6, 7pm-10pm – Bedtime Stories: Bring your friends and get ready to act out scenes from the Ink Track’s writers in residence! You could win fabulous prizes; you will laugh your ass off.

Saturday May 7, 11:30am-12:45pm – Realism in Characterization: Have you ever noticed that every character seems to have rock-hard abs, perfect breasts, green eyes, flowing red hair, or (though more likely “and”) a huge penis? Let’s face it, while your readers may dream about being six-foot-six studly werewolf alpha motorcycle club leaders, sultry CEOs with curves for days and secretaries waiting on them hand and (especially) foot, or that one special person from the punk rocker’s high school days who can show the superstar the true meaning of love… sometimes it’s nice to read about characters just like themselves. (I’m moderating this one.)

Saturday May 7, 2:30pm-3:45pm – The Secret Lives of Authors: My third year in a row on this panel, and I have some new stories to tell. What’s it really like to write and get your stories published? Get the scoop from authors ranging from newly published to more seasoned. Authors talk about their experiences from writing, to critiques, to working with editors, to getting published. Bring your questions!

Saturday May 7, 4pm-5:15pm – Worldbuilding: It’s back! Worldbuilding is an important skill for every writer, not just those who create fantastic worlds for their characters to live in. Even stories set in the real, modern world require elements of worldbuilding in order to make the city, town, neighborhood where you characters live into believable, real settings. Come ask questions of our panelists who take worldbuilding seriously! (I moderated this in 2014, and I’m moderating again this year.)

Beyond that, you’ll probably find me at the authors’ table, in the game room, or wandering around. If you see me, come up and say hi. (Insert your choice of “I won’t bite” jokes here; there aren’t any original ones left. Trust me; I checked.)

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