Frolicon 2014 Schedule

I’m going to be attending Frolicon 2014 as a panelist and guest. I’d love to meet as many of you as I can, so if you’d like to say hi and talk about writing, BDSM, or either of the Shell Game novels, here’s where you can find me:

  • Thursday 4/17 6pm: Preserving Your Anonymity as a Kinky Author – We’ll be answering your questions about how to keep your kinky author self separate from your (for example) parent-and-professional self.
  • Friday 4/18 10am: Writing the Female POV – Get tips and ask questions about how to better write from the female point of view, especially if you’re, y’know, not one.
  • Friday 4/18 7pm: Bedtime Stories – Several of the writers at FC will be reading from their work. There will be alcohol and prizes.
  • Saturday 4/19 11:30am: Craft: Worldbuilding – We’ll be there to help you better build the worlds in which your stories take place (even if they’re real places).
  • Saturday 4/19 1pm: The Secret Lives of Authors – Erotica authors are just like you. We’ll probably have some interesting stories about how we write, what our lives are like, etc.

I will be attending with one of my partners (for those who don’t know, I am polyamorous), but don’t be intimidated if she and I are together. I promise she doesn’t bite. Much. Because that’s really my job, when you get right down to it.

I also am planning to attend several classes, panels, and parties – I’m not just a writer, after all; I’m a kinky person with interests and desires, and I always like to learn new things.

If you can get to Atlanta for 4/17-4/20, or any part of that, consider attending Frolicon. This will be my second time going, and last time, even though I was only there for one day, it was still a lot of fun.

Oh… and every Frolicon attendee gets a free short-story written by me – but you have to be a con attendee because the URL to said story is on the card I’m putting into every attendee gift bag. (Well, actually, the staff is doing that, and I thank them for it, because 2500 cards is a LOT.)

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