Frolicon 2014

For those of you in or near (or who want to come to) the Atlanta area on Easter Weekend, I’m going to be a panelist on the Ink Track at Frolicon 2014. I will be speaking on:

  • The Secret Lives of Authors – what do we do when we’re not writing erotica?
  • Anonymity – or, in my case, how to be juuuuuust anonymous enough.
  • Writing the Female POV – all of my published erotica and 50 percent of my published (under a different name) sci-fi and fantasy is from the female POV.
  • Worldbuilding – how to create a world your readers can identify with, even if it’s a mundane world like, oh, for example, a bedroom community near a major Florida university.

Don’t be afraid to say hello if you see me there.

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