a visit from gianna simone

The lovely and talented Gianna Simone – who I’ve known for at least five years now – was kind enough to interview me for her blog.

Today, I’m welcoming J.J. Rose to my blog. I’ve known J.J. for a few years – we met in the Harry Potter fandom and J.J. also did some beta reading for me at the time. J.J.’s first full-length novel is Learning the Ropes (Shell Game Vol. 1), released last week by Sizzler Editions. I was lucky enough to read this story in its first incarnation a few years back, and I can tell you it is one super hot book. Anyway, I’m opening with some questions for J.J., and there’s also a yummy excerpt. So, without any further ado, J.J. Rose!

Gianna is an erotica writer who I’ve followed for some time, and while her books aren’t in quite the same vein as mine, they’re still definitely worth a read. I would check out the “Claimed” series, if I were you.

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