Learning the Ropes


The Internet is an amazing place. Because of Internet, I get to meet cool kinky people who write stories like this one about a submissive whose dominant just happens to be her former English professor. I know. I’m jealous of her too.

J.J Rose is a great author who has the rare talent of telling a BDSM themed story without resorting to cliches or overcompensating for his characters’ kinks by making them borderline sociopaths. That being said, he incorporates real life issues into the plot without making it outlandish or distracting from the story.

He told me that if I gave his story a shout out, he would give me a “get out of a spanking with this horrid implement free” card when we finally play, (coughbathbrushcough) but I’d do it even if he didn’t offer that because a) his stories are awesome – seriously, he’s sent me a bunch before that may or may not have inspired many an hour long masturbation session and b) he’s just an awesome guy. So go buy the story now and read it. Or I’ll cut you.

Just kidding. That’s illegal. But no, really. Go buy the book.

Thank you so much, my dear. I appreciate all your kind words.

An hour-long session? My goodness. Now we simply HAVE to play, and soon.

Learning the Ropes

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