It was fine

Actually, it was better than fine by a wide margin, but I’m calling this post “It was fine” because of reasons.

I recently went to visit my long-distance partner who lives in the western half of the US. It was my first time going to the state where she lives, so she wanted to make sure I experienced some things that are quintessential about that state. Plus, lots of spanking. Yay! I mean, there should be lots of it — we met at TASSP after all, and our first date was at Oasis.

So, what did we do?

Wednesday began with a very long walk through the airport, and a stop at a local fast food chain so I could try the state’s official condiment. It was fine. Back at her place, we cuddled and played — I was the first one to be spanked, OTK on the couch, and she received her first ever OTK spanking on said couch (it’s new). I discovered that spanking on couches isn’t always ideal for certain implements. I also gave her a bedtime spanking, because why not?

Thursday the weather interfered with our plans. We were supposed to go to the botanical gardens, but there was snow, and it was substantially colder than we expected. So we went to brunch instead, and did more spanking back at home. Thursday night we went to dinner with one of her other partners and his nesting partner, and then we went to bed kind of early because I was still on Eastern time and it was way past my bedtime. But not so early that she couldn’t get another spanking.

Friday was a busy day. We went to the botanical gardens, then to lunch (I saw a dog but did not get to pet him), then up to the mountains so I could get some pictures of scenic views. Lots of snow still up there, and it was quite cold. Less cold when we got back down and went to my partner’s friend’s house, where I spanked them both. The friend was really into hand spanking — no problem there — and I left her bruised. My partner got lots of implements and some marks of her own. After dinner, we decided there would be more spankings, and I would receive them. I honestly don’t remember the order of implements or everything that was used, but I do remember lying on her bed with her leaning on me, and that felt really nice. She also used the martinet again, which you’d think was pretty stingy, but it built into a nice heat very quickly. I was quite pink afterward, but no marks. She got one more spanking before bedtime too.

Saturday was relaxing, at least until the sun went down. We had breakfast at a trendy cafe so I could get buckwheat pancakes (my favorite type), and then came back home, where I got another long, hard spanking. Again, no marks, but I certainly felt it quite a lot. She’s a great spanker. After a brief nap, I met one of her other partners and the three of us headed about 45 minutes south, to a play party she organized specifically because I was in town. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting — I thought it would be a spanking-focused party, I guess, but it was really more BDSM-y in nature. There were about twenty people there at the busiest time, and there were plenty of play spaces. I got to spank DD again, and we kept up our streak of her skin breaking every time we play. She took a lot, including eleven swats with the scene-ender, and I’m sure she’ll be posting a photo of the results on her Fetlife. Then, later, I spanked my metamour, which was also quite fun. (He managed four swats with the scene-ender, but he did take several with my Wal-Mart spoon.) Also, my local partner’s dick made the rounds, with everyone loving it and wanting one of their own. The party had a lot of impact scenes, a vac-bed scene, some wax scenes, and several sexual encounters, including one on the other half of the bed while I was spanking DD. Once the party ended and we got home, I gave my partner one more hard spanking with my hand (on top of the marks from the two spankings she got at the party, which made her extra squirmy), and then we went to bed.

Sunday was for travel. I woke up at 7:00 despite going to sleep less than six hours prior, packed, had a little breakfast, and headed to the airport for the long trek home.

My long-distance partner and I will next be together at TASSP, where we’re sharing a room. Should be fun, although I expect I’ll have to stay up later than usual so she can use the room to play in (we already discussed this). Long-distance relationships are hard, and depend on good communication, especially when you only get to see the other person four or five times per year. After my last one I swore I wouldn’t do it again, but sometimes you meet someone who’s worth it. If I hadn’t gone to TASSP last year, if I hadn’t been willing to talk to people I didn’t know, if I hadn’t gone to Oasis a few weeks later, none of this would be happening. Just goes to show what you can find if you go to spanking parties.

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