Time’s up

I hope you got your free copy of Weekend Plans at some point over the last five days, because if you didn’t, time’s up on that offer. Which isn’t to say I won’t necessarily make it free again someday, but not for a while yet. If you missed out, you can still go to my Books page, where there are seven excerpts you can read and enjoy.

If you did get a copy — either just recently or a while ago — why not consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads? Authors thrive on feedback, and the more good reviews a book gets, the higher the book goes in Amazon’s mysterious algorithm. I know lots of people have read Weekend Plans (not only do I see my sales statistics, but I know I’ve sold a ton of copies in person at events), but most of those who’ve read it haven’t reviewed it yet.

Why not change that? Tell me what you thought of the book.

Oh, and if you don’t want a review of an erotica story on your personal account, I completely understand. I’d still love to hear what you thought using my Contact form. Especially if there’s something you think I could have done differently or better. I sometimes have difficulty being complimented (just ask my partners), but if you give me constructive criticism, I feel like that’s something I can work with. And given that I’m in the process of writing my holiday stories, if you have suggestions for things you’d like to see me write about, I could certainly use the inspiration.

So, yeah, this has been yet another post asking for you to review my work. Remember, the more positive things a writer hears from their readers, the more likely the writer is to produce more fiction that you like to read. Thank you in advance.

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