LSSP 2022: A Partnered Experience

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Lone Star 2022 was the second time I came to a spanking party with a partner. The first time was at Crimson Moon 2018, and it went okay, but that was a newer relationship. The partner who came with me to Lone Star, I’ve been with her for over a year, and it was a way not only to introduce her to the spanking party experience but also for us to have a little vacation together.

She had a great time. She got a few spankings from people who weren’t me, she laughed a lot, she met some great new people, and she left with bruises.

Lots of bruises.

As I mentioned in my post about the DMs at the Lone Star dungeon party, our first full scene together (on Friday night) was a somewhat-lighter one. At spanking parties, you don’t want to go overboard the first couple of nights, so we only used floggers, canes, rubber batons, straps, and my hand. I still left her gooey and spacy afterward. On Saturday we didn’t get a chance to go back to the dungeon or do much playing, but I had promised her a full scene before we left, and even though I’d already spanked four people on Sunday I made sure to hold enough back to give her what she needed and deserved.

We played in the hospitality suite, and she was completely naked. It was delightful. She already had a few ghosts of bruises from the rubber batons on Friday night, but tonight she was going to get lots more. I started with a wicked wand — a translucent stick with a resin head, this one in the shape of a penis. Yes, I whacked her with a penis. She got plenty of red penis-shaped marks, some of which were still there the next day, and she made pouty faces because it was very stingy. But it would have only worked on unmarked skin, so I had no choice.

After warming her up thoroughly with my hand, I added in some wooden implements, although I admit that I was a little too much in top space and went a bit too hard at first. So I backed off, switching to mostly softer implements, including my leather strap, my tawse, my floggers, and her new firehose strap — it’s short, doubled over, and has a unicorn horn for a handle. And yes, the horn is body-safe and can be used for insertions. But mostly I hit her with my rubber batons and her new mic drop, bouncing them on her shoulders and whacking her ass with them very, very hard. She enjoyed every second.

She also got a visit from the scene-ender. We started with two swats, as I always do, and then briefly negotiated two more. Unfortunately, the fourth swat wasn’t quite right, and even she agreed, so I gave her one more. And it was the perfect swat — a heavy, loud thwack! that had her rolling on her side and crying out in pain. To be fair, she’s the one who agreed on one more; had she not agreed to it, I wouldn’t have done it.

Afterward, we took some photos.

(My partner’s backside on Sunday night. You can see the big circular bruise from the scene-ender, a cane welt on the right side, and several imprints of penises from the wicked wand. Posted with permission.)

As before, she was left gooey and spacy, so after we cleaned up and got her dressed we made our way back to our room, where we cuddled for a long while before falling asleep.

In the morning, I took another photo:

(My partner’s right leg and thigh. You can clearly see the cane mark and one of the penis marks from the previous night, as well as a few other marks. Posted with permission.)

I wrote this post about 22 hours after the scene. She still has bruises, and penis marks, and it’s wonderful.

We had a great time together at the party. I think we’re going to do it again next year.

3 thoughts on “LSSP 2022: A Partnered Experience

  1. Delightful details of an eventful evening, featuring fun activities leading to impressive coloring, all entertainingly well described. Thank You For Sharing!


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