LSSP 2022: A Sunday Full of Spankings

Don’t forget that my new novel, Dreaming of How it Was Going to Be, comes out this Friday for Kindle and in print form. You can pre-order it now, if you like. And in the meantime if you want a taste of the kind of stories I write, my novella Three Paddlings for Kristen is currently free for all Kindle users until Friday. Download and enjoy!

Due to various scheduling difficulties at Lone Star, I didn’t get a chance to do most of my spanking with folks other than my partner (who joined me for this party) until Sunday. (I mean, I did spank a lovely young woman on Thursday night, but it wasn’t a planned scene and it wasn’t a very long one either, although it was certainly fun.) So, on Sunday, sporting an injured right hand, I went into the day ready to do five scenes.

Scene 1: DD

I first spanked DD back at TASSP, and then again at Oasis. We’ve stayed in contact since then, and we had firm plans to play at some point during the weekend. It ended up being Sunday at 11:00. After a hug hello, she jumped right in, taking off her shoes and jeans. I took out some implements and put her over my right knee to begin her spanking. I feel a little bad that she didn’t get the full experience — I’m much better with my right hand than my left — but she certainly seemed to enjoy herself. Once she was warmed up, I put her over the other knee and proceeded to paddle her with a light implement that started out life as a pizza server. After getting her even more warmed up, I paddled her eight times — once for each minute she was late — with a smaller but heavier paddle.

I honestly don’t remember everything I spanked DD with — it was a whirlwind of a day — but I know I caned her, and I know I again broke her skin. This time, though, I was prepared, and applied band-aids where needed. We finished with the scene-ender paddle — she holds the record for most swats taken with it in a single session — and she got a total of eight swats. When we were done, she was spacy and woozy, so we sat on the bed together and I let her rest her head on my shoulder while she came back to herself.

Scene 2: A New Player

Well, I say she’s new, but she has experience with spanking. She’s new to me, though. We first met on Thursday in the hospitality suite, just talking, and then on Friday at the ice-breaker I gave her a very light spanking. Later that evening, I asked her if she would be interested in doing a full spanking scene, and she agreed. We were scheduled for 3:00, but she didn’t arrive until 3:15 — more on that later. For starters, I put her over my right knee, lifted her sweater and skirt, and spanked her almost-entirely-bare bottom (she had on a very brief pink thong) with my left hand. At that point I’d already gone to CVS, and on the advice of my partner purchased and applied some generic nu-skin product, as well as a padded band-aid, but I was still leery about using my right hand.

Once I got the new player over my right knee, we had a brief chat about her lateness and she agreed that fifteen paddle swats with my small (but heavy) paddle was fair. They were hard, and she made pained noises, but in the end it was okay. I followed that up with swats from my evil stick, which is not the same as what people generally think of when they think of evil sticks. Mine is a piece of wood, varnished and sealed, maybe two fingers in breadth. It’s great for getting into tight spaces, like under bottom cheeks.

The new player didn’t want any flogging, but I did get her a few times with my thickest cane, and I spanked her more with my hand and various other implements until she came close to being done. That’s when the scene-ender came out, and she also took eight swats. Afterward, I rubbed her bottom for a while, and then we hugged before she went on her way.

Scene 3: Assaulted Peanut

Another person I played with at Oasis this year was Assaulted Peanut. We had such a good time that we decided to do it again at Lone Star, although this time she requested no wooden implements because she had a lot of spankings before me and she had even more for after me. By this point I had tried out my right hand on my partner’s bottom, and had discovered it was healed enough to use, so AP got a nice firm hand-spanking on her panties before I moved onto my leather strap and floggers. I spent most of the time flogging her — both her bottom and her shoulders — although I did intersperse several hard sets of hand spanks. Toward the end, once she was getting to where she’d had enough, I told her she would get two more rounds of hand spanks, and she agreed. Each round was twenty swats, and I pulled up her panties to expose more of her bottom cheeks, and by the end she was in tears. I mean, I spanked her pretty hard and she’d previously told me she does cry often from spankings, so it wasn’t a surprise. Afterward I made sure she was okay and we talked for a few minutes while she came down from the spanking. I’m sure we’ll do it again sometime.

Scene 4: Karina

On Saturday afternoon, the Spanko Podcast was kind enough to interview me for a future episode, talking about my books, my writing process, and whatever else came to mind. Afterward, Karina (one of the hosts) asked me if we could play, which was a surprise — I wasn’t expecting to be asked, but I was certainly willing. We set the time for Sunday after dinner, and we met up in the hospitality suite. The negotiations were a little more involved than with some of my previous scenes, but that’s perfectly okay — I wanted her to feel comfortable. Once she was, I put her over my left knee, lifted her dress, and spanked her over her panties with my right hand. She seemed to really enjoy it, which was gratifying.

In addition to my hand, I used my leather straps and a few paddles. I also gave her four licks on the thighs with my tawse — at her request — and while there are photos, they are hers, not mine, so I can’t share them. But I can say that there were some very visible “finger” marks on her thighs when I was done.

Eventually, Karina took eight swats with the scene-ender, and then there were hugs and chats before we went our separate ways. I enjoyed the scene, and would certainly play with Karina again if she wanted to.

Scene 5: Coming Soon

This one’s getting its own post. Stay tuned!

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