LSSP 2022: Two Gentlemen

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While at this year’s Lone Star Spanking Party, I played with two gentlemen.

The first goes by Alaska John (I have his permission to use his name). He is older than me, and a switch. I had a few minutes on Saturday morning, so I asked the party chat if anyone wanted to do some casual spanking, and he took me up on the offer. It was a fun, brief scene; first he spanked me (hands, paddle, clothes brush, bath brush), and then I spanked him (with mostly the same implements). He is the first cis man I have ever spanked bare-bottomed. I left the hospitality suite a little sore, though I knew it would fade. Still, I enjoyed it.

The second person I spanked — and who spanked me — is the man who sometimes goes by Sabina while wearing women’s clothing. You might remember me posting about meeting him at TASSP. We had discussed doing another scene together prior to Lone Star, one in which I too would be spanked, since we didn’t get a chance for me to bottom the last time around. We did this scene in private, and prior to it, we laid out which implements would be used. He has a ton of them, including some very interesting ones that I’ll get to in a bit.

We decided that he would bottom first. I lifted his skirt and spanked him with my left hand — my right hand was out of commission due to a spanking-related injury — while we talked a bit. In fact, we did chat for most of the time that I was topping him, although I’m pleased and proud to say that I made him lose his chain of thought more than once. In addition to my hand, I used a few straps, my tawse, my rubber batons, and all three of my floggers, which he really enjoyed.

Then it was my turn. Here’s what he used, after warming me up with his hand:

(Spanking implements used on me at Lone Star, in order from right to left: firehose strap, leather strap, rubber batons, beaver-tail paddle, carbon-fiber cane, leopard-printed cane, sword, sjambok, medium flogger, heavy flogger.)

I discovered at Lone Star that a lot of folks spank faster than I do. No judgment; it’s just a difference in styles. This gentleman spanked fairly quickly once he got going, and he increased the intensity until it was harder than I had expected. Then he backed off for a bit before going hard again, and he repeated this pattern a few times. I was definitely making noises by the last set.

While I’ve been hit with everything I own, sometimes the person doing the hitting (for testing purposes) is myself. So this was the first time I was hit with my firehose strap — loud, but not especially painful. The leather strap hurt more, but it was surprisingly thuddy — though that may be because I kept my shorts on. (He kept his panties on, so it seemed only proper.) He moved onto the rubber batons, which are extremely thuddy, and he used them rhythmically in a way that I haven’t yet done too often.

Then came his implements, starting with the beaver-tail paddle/strap. I don’t know if it’s actual beaver, or it’s just the shape, but while it hurt it wasn’t unbearable, probably because the impact was spread out over a large area. The carbon-fiber cane hurt, but not too much, while the leopard-printed cane hurt substantially more.

Side note: this gentleman is of British extraction, so at some point while he was hitting me he asked me how many more I wanted / how much more intensity I wanted and I couldn’t quite answer. He said “I’m waiting for an answer, boy,” which was unexpected. I don’t generally respond in a submissive fashion to phrases like that, but I didn’t mind it.

The sword… now that was a surprise. He didn’t use the sharp edges (after all, I’m not writing this from a hospital); he hit me with the flat of the blade, and it actually felt rather good, as well as cold through my shorts. I’m going to enjoy telling people I got spanked with a sword.

Then he moved onto the sjambok, which is used in Africa as a riot-control device, among other things. This particular one was made from responsibly-sourced hippo hide, and it was heavy. He didn’t swing it hard — I’m not a heavy enough bottom for that, and we didn’t have enough time for me to get built up to it either — but he demonstrated both tapping and hitting. The repeated tapping, using gravity to pull down the business end rather than actually hitting with it, is something he told me some of his other partners enjoy, and I can see how.

Finally, he used my floggers. When I use them, I start lighter and move to heavier, based on how much intensity the other person wants, and with him, when I topped him, I hit him pretty hard. So he did the same to me, and I now truly understand how good it feels. I’ve been flogged before, although not the way I do it to others, and I really liked it. Big, heavy thumps, over and over.

I didn’t hit subspace, but I felt a tiny tingling precursor of it by the time we were done. I was able to relax and enjoy the scene, even though several times I was making pained noises or trying to endure what was going on (I did not need a safeword, but I trust that this gentleman would have stopped instantly had I used one). Ultimately I was very pleased, and I look forward to playing with him again — either as his male self, or his female one; whichever it happens to be.

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