Two WEEKEND PLANS sequel updates

Here’s two Weekend Plans sequel updates for you:

  1. For the direct sequel, I hired a professional editor to go through the entire book, as well as recruiting a fellow erotica author who writes interactive novels. Both found a couple of small issues, so right now I’ve started a “Draft 2” folder (where “Draft 3” will be the final version) and I’m working on picking my way through the book, making small changes here and there. I’m still worried there will be some minor continuity errors, but if I go through the book enough times I’ll be able to catch them all. Hopefully.
  2. For the third book in the series, I’ve finished translating the flowchart into a usable spreadsheet outline with 323 “pages” — each of which may be a few lines, a few paragraphs, or even a few actual pages long. I’m taking a break from that book to work on the second one, mentioned above, and get it into final draft form. In case you’re interested (hopefully you are), here’s what the flowchart looks like now that I’ve finished translating it:
(The “used” flowchart for the third Weekend Plans book. The columns of numbers are from where I used the open space to make sure I got the page numbers right, or moved them around.)

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