Oasis Labor Day 2022, Day 5: Therapy

At TASSP I met (and spanked) a lovely woman who I’ll call DD. She can take a lot of spanking, and she likes it hard. At Oasis I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with her and her friend group (which includes the tall, dark-haired woman from yesterday’s post), and I got to know her better.

She also had some stuff happen that put her in a rough place, mentally. Our first spanking never quite got finished as a result — I spanked her over my knee with my hand and a few implements, but that was it. However, on the fifth day of Oasis (there really isn’t a fifth day; I just happened to be staying at the hotel after the party ended), I was able to give her a little spanking therapy that seemed to help quite a bit.

As for me, I was already flying pretty high that day — I’d given a long, thorough spanking that afternoon to a young woman who loves cats, and just before DD came over I did a lighter spanking/flogging combination with someone new.

After DD and I talked for a few minutes, she took off her shoes and shorts and went over my lap. She had already been spanked quite a bit over the course of the weekend, but she was a fairly blank canvas at that point. I started with just my hand, and her panties were cheeky enough to reveal quite a bit of her backside — not to the point that she wasn’t wearing any, but there was a lot of bare bottom to touch.

I knew DD had a lot going on, and she’d told me she wanted — no, needed — a very hard spanking, so once I warmed her up with my hand I switched to a hairbrush. She was pretty nervous, so I told her I would give her a preview of how many swats she’d get in each set of spanks, and that seemed to calm her down a bit. But only a bit. She needed to work through some things.

So I switched to my small paddle and told her she would repeat after me, and I would give her four swats after each thing she said.

“I’m not crazy.”

“I’m not a freak.”

“I have a lot on my mind.”

“I just need to be spanked.”

And repeat.

We did that five or six times, with some slight variations, and each phrase was followed by four very hard paddle swats.

I’m no therapist. My degree is in communication, not psychology or counseling. But I know how people’s minds work, to some extent, and I’m pretty good at therapeutic spankings — just ask N. This part of the spanking really helped DD calm down and settle her mind, and that was enough to get her to the bed, where I had her lie down, a pillow under her hips, and I spanked her with my bigger implements: two tawses, two straps, and three floggers. By the time we got into it, her top was off and her bra was undone so I could do her upper back and shoulders as well.

But I knew she needed more.

As I’ve posted before, my wooden spoon can leave some wonderful marks, but only if I use it a certain way. The trick is to pull a bit just as the impact hits. The cat-loving woman got a gorgeous bruise from it earlier in the day, but DD got a lot more than that. I must have whacked her at least thirty times with the spoon (not all at once), leaving bright white marks on her backside and making her squirm and kick and yell.

We weren’t done, though. She still had to spend some time with my scene-ender paddle.

I started with two swats, so she could get a feel for what she had coming. Then we agreed on six more.

To my surprise, she wasn’t done after that. So we did six more, and by the time I was finished with those she was very nearly in tears.

But she wanted more.

I gave her a final six swats, the hardest spanks I’d given all weekend, and the tears were so close that I could almost taste them. I’m sure she could have taken even more swats, and if I’d done sets of eight or ten she would have cried for sure, but after twenty total swats with that paddle, on top of everything else we’d done, there was just no way I could spank DD anymore without risking damaging her skin. As it was she already did have a couple of spots that were bleeding — just a tiny bit.

After I cleaned her up and took some pictures, I had DD lie down with me and I held onto her and let her come down from the spanking. We talked for about half an hour about various things — the stuff that had happened over the weekend, our scenes with each other and other people, our philosophies on spanking, and other topics. Once she was ready to move, she got dressed and we had a late-night snack in the pub before hugs and goodbyes.

It was, I think, a great final spanking for the weekend for both of us.

(DD’s well-spanked bottom, posted with her permission.)

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