Success Achieved

The surgery was successful, so that’s a plus. I’m recovering decently. I haven’t really felt very creative — mostly I feel tired — but I hope to write at least a little something over the next two weeks that I’m off work.

My weekend of free Lessons went okay. What I’m really hoping is that someone reviews the book — it’s been almost a full year since anyone has reviewed anything of mine, and good reviews are one of the best ways to give a writer impetus to write. So, y’know… review my books please.

In the meantime, here’s page 70 of Weekend Plans, which you may enjoy:

You reach up and grab a handful of Julie’s hair, your fingers twisting into it near her scalp. She lets out a half-yelp-half-scream and you feel her body tighten on yours as a clearly-unexpected orgasm blows through her. That pushes you over the edge and in a few seconds you’re coming too, pulsing and throbbing as you’re buried to the hilt inside her.

Once you both manage to disentangle yourselves, Julie walks gingerly to the bathroom to pee and you take off the condom and dispose of it. After, in bed together, she’s extremely submissive — you’d almost forgotten what hair-pulling does to her. You take advantage of the situation by pulling her into your arms and kissing her, soft and tender, no pressure behind it because you’re both sated.

“Tomorrow night,” you say against her lips, “we’re going to the club.”

“Yes,” she whispers, and you nibble her lower lip.

“Tomorrow night, I’m going to show you off.”

“Yes.” An even-softer whisper, with a thread of longing and needing.

“Tomorrow night,” and now you steel yourself because you’re still not one hundred percent sure this is a good idea but you have to fix what you broke, “tomorrow night, I’m going to watch Kevin spank you.”

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