LESSONS: back cover copy

I’m waiting to get the pre-order URL for Lessons (edit: here it is!), but in the meantime, here’s the back cover copy for your enjoyment:

From the author of BAKER’S DOZEN and BUTT STUFF comes a fantasy romance that’s sure to leave you breathless…

Princess Eleanora isn’t ready to rule, but when a wizard abducts her family, she’s forced to sit at the helm of her small kingdom.

Two long years later, at the tender age of twenty, she’s developed a bad attitude and has no desire to change it. Her once-loyal subjects have had enough and are ready to revolt. Her grand vizier is at his wits’ end. He must do something or watch the kingdom fall into chaos.

An intervention arrives in the form of Peter, a teacher hired to transform the princess, but she’s resistant and determined to stand her ground. Unfortunately for her, Peter isn’t easily dissuaded and vows to spank her bare bottom until she improves her behavior.

But Peter is more than just a teacher, and when Eleanora discovers his secret, she must decide whether their burgeoning romance is worth pursuing. On top of that, a devious plot has taken root, threatening the kingdom and its people. Can Peter and Eleanora work together to stop it, or will this be the end of everything the princess holds dear?

It’s time to find out if Princess Eleanora’s learned her lessons.

I think I deserve an extra internet point for working the word “burgeoning” into it.

Remember: Lessons comes out June 25! Pre-order your copy now!

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